Have you ever wondered what do actors use to deliver a good performance?

I’ve often wondered this myself how do they do it? what is the key?

Have you ever watched a great performance and felt what the character felt. Often times we see great performances and can’t help but feel attached. This is great work on the actors part to bring us with them on their emotional ride.

What makes the actor be able to deliver this type of performance?

When you’re looking at it with an actors eye you’re more interested in how this happened.

What steps were involved in creating this great performance? More importantly, how did this person achieve this level of performance? You know it seems like magic if your unsure of how to do this. A great performance can leave a lasting impression on the observer. This is amazing work of the actor to make us feel just by watching. the funny thing about it is you truly don’t know what’s going on in the actors mind. Sure you can feel what they are feeling. But what are they thinking and doing within their minds to deliver this caliber of performance?

How to view the world

Who you really are

How to live inside your Character

Is it something they are thinking? Is it something they are doing?

What are they doing that’s allowing this type of performance?

What are they thinking that’s allowing them to convey this performance to the camera. Is it what they are thinking is it something they are doing? Might this be a combination of both of these things?

I have found a way to deliver a deep organic performance.

It involves a process or series of steps to make you able to deliver a very real performance.

This process is called The Actors Secret Weapon. It involves several steps. It will involve changing the way you think about your performance. You have to come from a place of limitless possibilities to create something truly exceptional. I have developed this system for myself and have been using it for the second year I’ve been acting. A lot of people that see my work after I started using this performance say that its organic and natural. This is the best compliments you can get as an actor. You strive for a natural organic performance.

I wanted to make this available to everyone. 

You can access this course on a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

I have spent well over 800 dollars and over a year of acting to develop this method. I had to share this because I think people haven’t yet come up with a simple yet deep method for living in the character organically. As actors, we often are taught how to act but in my time learning and taking courses no one said hey this is how I do it. You are taught and then you have to put the pieces together and come up with your own method to use all the pieces. Well, I have developed a method from everything I’ve learned and made it an easy to follow system.

This is why I’m making this method available to you.

I have developed a process to interpret and manipulate life to deliver an organic performance.

In this video course, I provide the foundation for you to be totally be engaged in your performance. I believe that other people use what I have discovered to deliver some of the best performances you have seen. When I told this to a couple of my acting friends they told me that I needed to make this a course cause they have never heard of this before. I sat in my car with one of my friends for an hour explaining to him this process I have developed. I told him I was making this a course. He said please make this a course. So I lay down all the groundwork. I put together the information in an easy to understand format. I start at the beginning with who you are. Then I go on to explain the process of how you can command the best performance out of yourself.

The thing I realized when I stumbled on to this method was it wasn’t anywhere readily available. I spent well over two thousand dollars in classes and workshops but I never heard this method anywhere. Sure some people say live in the moment be truthful with your scene partner. But a clearly defined method along with explanations and extra information to get all of yourself involved in your performance wasn’t anywhere that I looked. 

That’s the reason I made this course. You might be in a location where you don’t have access to workshops nor would you find this exact process in a workshop. I was also interested in making something like this really affordable. Some workshops or classes cost upwards of 500 dollars. I understand for some people this is too expensive. So I made this really affordable for everyone. Not only that all you need is a phone or tablet or computer with internet access to watch the video course.

What You’ll Get…

Look below to see what’s included in this course.

This course exists for one purpose to bring you your best performance. This course has a video which walks you through the steps to reframe your mind. After I have changed the way you view things your perception of things will change. Once we get that out of the way we can then connect you with your character in the moment organically. I also have a mp3 in this course that tells you how I prepare when on set to fully mesh myself and the character so I can be truthful to the character and the scene.

I have some bonuses for you!

Here are some of the things I threw in as a bonus.

 I have inside this course a mp3 that walks you through my ways of executing and using the actors secret weapon while on set. So you can know how to execute the steps in your acting. I also have a secret facebook group for people who purchase the actors secret weapon to share how they execute the steps.

I want you to get the best deal possible that’s why it’s important to act quickly. The price will increase when the timer hits zero.