Have you ever wondered how to break into acting?

Wonder no more you can now not only know how to get started but what else you need to know.

Before I started acting I wanted to know the best way to get started. I waited and waited and waited I eventually found out how. But time was wasted waiting for the how to’s of acting to get started. This time could have been spent landing roles and getting experience in the craft. 

Often there is no clear path to start acting if you’re not talking to actors.

People who are not acting don’t know the path to start.

Only those who have already started know how to start. When you’re looking at a situation from the outside you do not know how to approach it. I had been contacted by someone who was already acting. I asked him to tell me everything he knew. He did eventually tell me everything he knew. But even after that, there were some things he left out. Not that he left things out but he didn’t know some things that I have figured out. We talked for over 30 minutes over coffee he gave me enough to get started. This made me think how many people would like to get started like me but don’t have the knowledge to start. 

Break Into Acting

Intro to Acting

Character Development

I wondered if something exists to help people get started?

Not only have I looked but I found people with a lot of experiance.

 The more I searched the more disappointed I was. There are a lot of people selling acting products. Unfortunately, there are few that are entry level. There seems to be a lot of higher level products that specialize in certain areas after your already well on your way. There is a very limited number of breaking into the acting business courses online. There is also no character development talk within the ones I have found. I was surprised and shocked. It seems that everyone has a class in a physical location but none online that discussed the very basics. The ones that did left a lot to be desired. 

  • How do you start

    This is often the problem with most people wanting to act.

  • Whats the fastest way to get started

    This is common knowledge amongst actors

  • How do you think like an actor

    Two people look at things differently. Actors look at acting differently. Once your acting you see all the movies and TV shows in a different light.

  • What should I know about my lines

    Your lines can tell you a lot once you learn how to decipher them.

  • What makes a good character

    When you play a character it’s good to know as much about them as you can.

  • Sometimes people need some extra stuff

    Extra knowledge is great when wanting to learn something new.

Would you like to know the basics of acting?

Not only the basics but some advanced stuff that I haven’t found in over 2 years of acting and buying well over two thousand dollars worth of classes.

I thought if I made a break into acting course it would be stupid not to include an Intro to Acting. This is one of the best courses for you to start your acting journey. I have bought several courses and took several workshops and acting classes. I have put my knowledge into a series of courses for a fraction of the price I spent. In a fraction of the time!

I have created a video course to help you start your journey.

This video course is set up in an easy to understand and easy to follow format.

I wanted to create a very easy to follow course. This course is very beginner friendly and is a great starting point for your acting journey. I have set it up for everyone from beginner to experienced to get value from this course.

  • Break into acting

    This part goes over how I broke into acting. It also goes over several other ways to get started.

  • Intro to Acting

    This part has a lot of parts within it.

  • Mindset

    This section I go over what you need to think before starting. along with many other key points.

  • Acting 101

    In this section, I go over several parts of acting. I go over deep script analysis along with several other building blocks for acting.

  • Character Development

    This is a key part of the course. I go over deep character development. I include a super secret weapon that most actors don’t know about. In fact, I didn’t even know about it after all the classes I purchased.

  • Plus more

    These are the main parts I have gone over but I have also included more.I have also included a link section to some resources that will help you.

I created this course for people like myself.

This is my best knowledge on this subject.

When I created this course I made it for people who were like me. Before I was introduced to acting I wish I could have found a course like this. I have put all of my knowledge on the first steps and, some of the acting advice on scripts Character development which I could not find in any acting courses I bought. 

I wanted to make this available to everyone. 

You can access this course on a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

I have spent well over 500 dollars for the information in this course. Not only that but the links I provide in this course itself have taken me over two years to collect. I have spent a lot of time learning this information and finding the information that I provide in this course. Not only will you know how to get started but you will have the foundation in place to know how to act. How to get information out of your lines. How to develop a character that is so different from you, it will amaze everyone. Now with all my courses you have to do you homework. I have provided a wealth of information in this course but as I talk about in the homework parts you have to use the tools I give you to do your homework.

What You’ll Get… 

Look below to see everything included in this course.

After you receive your login details. You will have access to your course. This course consists of an online video and over 100 links to places to network and finds acting gigs. This course has information on getting info from your lines. It also has deep character development information that I haven’t found in any acting class to this day. also, we go over set etiquette and how to act on set. On top of that, it will go over your mindset and why that’s important when acting. Plus a lot more.

How about I sweeten the deal. 

I’m going to throw in a bonus!

I’m going to throw in an audio program from the people at limitless mind creative. It sells for 60 dollars! This course is designed to give you unstoppable confidence in an hour or less! This course goes through getting rid of emotional blocks and bringing out your confident self. So along with a course that alone is worth over 100 dollars, I’m throwing in another course to give you unstoppable confidence in an hour or less (60 dollar value) as a bonus.