Branding is important to your overall online image as an actor.

Branding dos and don’ts of social media.

Are you doing it right? Lots of new people and some veterans are doing it wrong. You would be surprised at how simple this can be but is often overlooked.

Looking at acting and how to navigate can be overwhelming. Unless you had a map to navigate and take steps towards.

Knowing how and where to network effectively is your best weapon in acting.

Starting acting is one thing but knowing who the key players are and how to reach them is another. If you don’t know all the ways to navigate the business it can get overwhelming very early on. There are a lot of websites and online resources available to you as an actor. Most of that information is hidden and not readily available. 


Power Networking

Social Media

Are you branding and marketing yourself properly?

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook things that if done properly could make you more visible.

 The more I searched the more disappointed I was. There are a lot of people selling acting products. Unfortunately, there are few branding and power networking courses.  There is a very limited number of branding and power networking courses online. Get yourself out there and start networking within the business of acting.

Would you like to know how to network your way to more work and professional relationships?

This course has insider information on finding out who’s working with who. Not only that but I tell you how to find them.

This course has a lot of information and tips and tricks to get you coming up on people’s radar. If you don’t know where you’re going how will you know when you get there?

I have created a video course to help you improve your acting journey.

This video course is set up in an easy to understand and easy to follow format.

I wanted to create a very easy to follow course. This course is very beginner friendly and has great information to help you brand yourself and how to power network with the right people.

  • How to find out about, secure and nail auditions

  • How to network locally as well as from afar

  • Which online resources, websites, job boards, communities and subscription services MIGHT be worth your while

  • When it’s worth your while to work for free or deferred – and how to make the most of it

  • WHY networking is NOT fake, phony or self-serving but rather, the highest form of service

  • What is Networking? And why does it matter? Is it proven?

  • How important is networking in Hollywood? Or in the global media industry?

  • How is PowerNetworking different?

  • How has social media affected networking and marketing for actors?

  • The real casting marketplace

  • Understanding the Lay of the Land

  • The Modern Film and TV Landscape

  • Branding and Social Media Power Networking

I created this course for people like myself.

This is my best knowledge on branding and social media power networking that I have collected over time.

When I created this course I made it for people who were like me. Before I was introduced to acting I wish I could have found a course like this. I have put all of my knowledge on branding and, networking on social media. If you can’t find acting gigs after this course it’s because you’re not using the tools!

I wanted to make this available to everyone. 

You can access this course on a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

I have spent well over 500 dollars for the information in this course. Not only that but the links I provide in this course itself have taken me over two years to collect. I have spent a lot of time learning this information and finding the information that I provide in this course. I have premium links to all the casting websites in the business.

What You’ll Get…. 

Look below to see everything included in this online course.

 After you receive your login details. You will have access to your course. This course consists of an online video and over 100 links to places to network and find acting gigs. The course will not only show you how to get started in acting it will go through all the basics and then some. I’m big on fleshing out your character so I have provided a lot of information on different character types. This course is a great start for you to get into acting.

How about I sweeten the deal. 

I’m going to throw in a bonus!

I’m going to throw in an audio program from the people at limitless mind creative. It sells for 60 dollars! This course is designed to give you calm and peacefulness! This meditation goes through creating a more powerful you. So along with a course that alone is worth over 100 dollars, I’m throwing in the Limitless mp3 to give you calm and peace (60 dollar value) as a bonus. Another bonus is access to the secret facebook group for other people who purchased Branding and Power Networking. There you can brainstorm and share ideas and methods for growing your social media following and presence.