Auditions For Kids

Disney channel shows are for people in all age groups even though mostly for children or adults who are still young at heart. They vary in regard to content; they maybe mystery shows, cartoons, comedies or kid shows. These shows are mostly for entertainment or educational value. The characters for the shows can be children, young adults or even grownups. The first step to landing a role in these shows is by attending the auditions for Disney channel shows.

To get this audition, you can hire professional help such as agents. The agent’s work will be scout for the auditions for Disney channel shows for you. He will get you the dates and ensure that you don’t miss out on the audition. Alternatively, you can scout for the auditions yourself. There are lots of websites that offer listing for the auditions, giving time and dates for the actors. You need to ensure that the website you use is well reputable and the auditions that you attend are actually for Disney channel shows and not some scams.

Adequately prepare before you go for the auditions for Disney channel shows. Get all your documentations ready. These include your updated resume and cover letter if need be. If you received your lines beforehand, memorize them. However, don’t panic, if you don’t know all your lines by heart, the casting directors may allow you to read from a script. Ensure that you get plenty of rest before the actual date and eat well. Remember, you have actually to be energetic; so, going in weak and starved will not work out for you. Research on your role but don’t wear any costumes unless you are asked to. Dress in something comfortable and appropriate for your role. Needless, to say, dress decently.

On the actual day for the auditions for Disney channel shows, ensure that you get there before time as opposed to on time. You need a few minutes to catch your breath and compose yourself. Additionally in case of any changes such as location or time, you need to be there so as to find out in advance. Try to relax as you wait for your turn to audition. Talking to other actors may not be advisable, this is a competition. Others may mislead you or make you feel incompetent by sharing their work experience or other details about the role that they may have actually ‘acquired’ beforehand.

During the auditions for Disney channel shows, remember to introduce yourself, announce the role that you are playing and then proceed. Keep your voice as natural as possible, don’t try to over exaggerate, shout or imitate another actor. Be yourself unless instructed otherwise. After the audition, thank the director and then calmly leave. Do not run out of the audition no matter how nervous you maybe.

Do not go residence immediately; wait for a few minutes before signing out along with the casting assistants. This is because the casting directors may call you back in. Remember, there are lots of auditions for Disney channel shows, if you don’t land the role, just keep trying.


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