Acting Auditions

Acting auditions for Disney channels are a good platform to start an acting occupation for kids, teens or even adults. These auditions are fairly important for anyone who wants to get into show business. The very first step to having a good audition is to adequately prepare for the audition. Remember, in an audition, you only have actually a few minutes to impress the casting director, that’s why you need to be ready. Those few minutes that you get, can go a long way into getting your occupation launched.

Get prepare by doing adequate research. Find out about the role that you will be playing and try to get as much information as you can, to help you get into character easily. Ensure that you additionally research on the things that you need to bring to the auditions. In most cases, for acting Auditions for Disney channels, you may need a resume, a headshot or a cover letter. Make enquiries before the auditioning date to be sure about the documentations. If you get your script in advance, rehearse and try to memorize your lines. Get a friend or relative to sit along with you as you rehearse the lines; this will help you get somebody else’s opinion on your lines delivery.

On the actual day when you go for the acting auditions for Disney channels, ensure that you get there before time. Sign in along with the casting assistant and wait for your turn to audition. Don’t be rude to anyone as this kind of behavior will be reported to the casting director and this can affect you landing the role. No matter how nervous you are, don’t try to smoke or chew gum to calm your nerves. It’s better you try to meditate on your scene and do breathing exercises.

When you are called in, introduce yourself very first and give your headshot and resume to the director then start. Be audible enough, do not shout, though. If you are reading from a script, don’t keep your head down. Look up; maintain contact along with the casting team and don’t mumble. If the director gives you suggestions, listen and do what he says. Don’t be impatient or annoyed by this, he is only trying to help you give a better performance. Be confident but not cocky. The very best thing to do is just be yourself, create your own brand name, and don’t try to talk like John Travolta or mimic Julia Roberts. Be as natural as possible unless the role dictates otherwise.

Once you are done, thank the directors and leave. Don’t try to engage the director in small talk or try to plead your case; your acting skills will sell you.

Another thing that people tend to overlook is how they dress when they go for the acting auditions for Disney channels. You have actually to dress appropriately. You don’t need to dress officially in a tie and suit like other business interviews. Don’t wear a costume unless you are asked to. Wear something, decent, comfortable and appropriate for the role that you are auditioning for.

************Just a word of caution most Disney print shots are in perpetuity which means they can use it forever and only pay you once so make sure you’re okay with that before you decide to do the shoot.************** I was offered a print shoot while they were rebranding a ride within Disney and wanted to get fresh faces. They offered me 450$ I decided that wasn’t enough to use my likeness forever. In the end its a personal choice but read the contract carefully cause within that same contract could be a no compete for clause which means you can’t do any other print shoots for similars rides for other companies which make the whole thing even worse.


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