Welcome to The Actors Secret Weapon. I have put together some of the best courses based on all my knowledge and experience. Although I haven’t been acting long I have created a method to deliver an organic performance. You can check out the products and services section to see what I currently offer.

The Actors Secret Weapon is here to provide value to you. Acting is very demanding you may not have time to build a website. You might not know how to get started. If you are like me you are always looking for new tips and tricks that could give you the edge. Remember acting is a marathon, not a sprint. Some people have said if you didn’t start when you were 9 or 10 your never going to be a full-time working actor. I don’t believe that I believe if you have a desire to do it well you can make it. I do also think there are some tricks that can draw more attention to yourself as an actor. We are here to help in any way we can if you would like to see our services click on the services tab. We are also open to suggestions on new products that you would like to see.